Meet Rob a new friend, one who is making a difference.

About Recovery Rob

Recovery Rob is 47-years-old and has been sober since August 1992. Branding himself a ‘garden variety’ drunk, Recovery Rob’s main drug of choice was alcohol, although he also identifies with drugs such as crystal meth, cocaine, ketamine (special k), ecstasy, MDMA, inhalant abuse, as well as marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Recently, Recovery Rob has been attending Al-Anon. Although he’s been a huge supporter of the Al-Anon program, and knows addiction is a family disease, he is seeking a better understanding of himself as well as those around him. “There is always room for new perceptions and views,” says Recovery Rob.

Recovery Rob has worked in the field of addiction recovery for longer than he has been sober, and is also a professional writer with two published novels and a third on the way.