Nanaimo, BC

Bio: My name is Lorelie Rozzano and I'm a recovering addict (17 years) People often ask me why I write about such a difficult topic. I write about addiction for 2 reasons. First so that I never forget what I’d become – inhuman and deranged. Second so that families stand a chance against addiction. Addicts manipulate, lie, cheat and steal. They use YOUR love to their advantage. I know because I too, behaved in this way. Addicts will do what ever it takes to get their next fix. They are SICK and their illness is all consuming. No other illness is as powerful nor can it destroy entire families, the way addiction can. Learning how to love your addict without enabling their illness is extremely difficult. I pray my posts encourage both families members and addicts to get the help they so desperately need, and deserve.

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